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Short summary Along the banks of the Rhine

The Rhine begins its journey of more than 800 miles far from the North Sea in the Swiss mountains.

And different from usual descriptions I decided to share my thoughts about the Rhine with others. Even more because the Rhine is so important for a sustainable economy. ecology, culture, and a good environment. In my opinion are not all the possibilities of the Rhine River optimally used.

We can learn from others when it comes to use all the dynamics. As far as the European policy makers and EU member states, such as Germany, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands are concerned a revaluation is becoming evident of the importance of the use of the Rhine River.

An integral and international management system, such as that laid down for the Rhine in the deed of Mannheim, has proved to be fundamental for the development of the Rhine into the most important transport axis in continental Europe.

These are experience which are of vital importance for developments for attaching water reservoirs.

I consider the installation of water basins along the banks of the Rhine to be necessary to create a good balance for a sustainable navigation.

With this publication I also hope to attract more attention to the strong growth of goods transport and the positive role inland shipping can play in its handling.

Slowly but surely, it is becoming clear in Europe and beyond that the problems with transport on land can be solved by means of water.

The Dutch inland shipping, with its modern fleet and innovative power, is a good example of how a sector can anticipate this demand.

At the same time, I want to show with this publication how effective and environment-friendly transport on water can be made.

Because it is not only efficient, reliable, and safe, but compared to the other methods- also very sustainable and environment- friendly.

In short, the Rhine-river is ideal for transporting all kinds of products and inland shipping is modern and has great possibilities!

I hope that you will enjoy reading this book!

Robert F. Zimmerman.

Robert F. Zimmerman

God must have been a ship-owner!
He placed raw material far from they were needed.
And he covered 2/3 of water over the world.
So that ships must transport and bring the goods to all the consumers!!

That is really fantastic isn’t it!!


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